About FattSacs


Why Solvent-Free for me?

FattSacs uses a proprietary method of extracting cannabinoids and terpenes without the use of potentially harmful solvents. ALL of our products are quality tested, no cannabis enters or leaves our facility without rigorous testing. 

Through our processes, not only are harmful lipids, pesticides and plant materials removed, but the product is further refined and concentrated leaving an incredibly clean line of products, full of aroma and flavor that we know your going to LOVE! 


FattSacs Manufacturing Solutions

  • CPM - Custom product manufacturing  
  • CPS - Commercial purchasing solutions
  • CPLS - Custom packaging & labeling solutions
  • OWR - Organic waste reclamation


Why FattSacs?

Its about quality and value folks.  Providing a "FattSac" is just what we do.  FattSacs concentrates weigh .75 for a half gram and an amazing 1.50 for the full gram!  You get more, without PAYING more!!

    FattSacs, the value is in our name!